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              Zhejiang zhengli plastic Mould co., Ltd is located in Huangyan Economic Development Zone, Taizhou, zhejiang, the renowned Land of Molds and Dies of China. The company covers an area of over 6,000 square meters with a floor space of over 3,300 square meters and has over 100 employees including over 50 technicians.

              Our major products are plastic molds for automobile interior/exterior trims, household appliances and housewares. Our high-precision CNC machining equipment and general purpose machines coupled with dedicated software for designing of mold and molded product, have ensured the consistent quality of high-precision moulds.

              Thanks to the international level quality of our molds and molded products, we have successfully tapped many overseas markets. Long-term partnership with a few leading automobile and household appliance manufacturers has been established. Mature quality control system and excellent after sales service have won us good reputation amongst the customers.

              Zhengli is committed to aspire for and create excellence, and realize the dream and honor of mold and die industry through joint efforts with partners and customers.

              And our mission to meet the demands of customers through improving product and service quality at the most competitive price will never be compromised. We are looking forward to joining hands with friends from all circles to have a lager share of market and shape a more brilliant future.

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