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              Zhejiang zhengli plastic Mould co., Ltd is located in Huangyan Economic Development Zone, Taizhou, zhejiang, the renowned Land of Molds and Dies of China. The company covers an area of over 6,000 square meters with a floor space of over 3,300 square meters and has over 100 employees including over 50 technicians.       Our major products are plastic molds for a...
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        2010/7/7 China’s mold industry in 2010 expe 
        2008/7/31 2008 China’s mould industry approa 
        2008/7/31 Die speed up the foreign giants enter th 
        2008/7/31 Why die Mould Manufacturing enterprise 

        Zhengli Plastic Mould
        Shangxian Road, West Indusrtial Park
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