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        Why die Mould Manufacturing enterprise

        With a history of more than 30 years creating the mold of key enterprises, has developed rapidly in recent years, the level of technology is leading the country, but profitability has been not very good. More than 1,000 sets of production, extrusion die, the output value of only one year on the yuan, profits and even fewer, or even die than use them to the output value and profits of SMEs. We not only could not understand, said the mold of high value-added technology to achieve 60 percent to 70 percent more than a pile of iron lump can sell cars on the price, which is more than good trading ah, how not to make money » In fact, the added value of single-die sets very high indeed, but not die daily consumer goods, not with a lot of production specifications, with a single, small quantities of the characteristics of the product and mold precision and high technical requirements, the production and processing In the course of the special needs of many high-precision equipment, with professional skills need a lot of research and development, design and technical workers, these must be included in the cost of production. Therefore, most of the profits of manufacturers die by equipment depreciation, wages and services offset by the cost. Die international network

        "Scale economy" constraining the development of plants die

        Die past domestic manufacturing operations basically be seen as a main unit to provide technical support and product upgrading of the subsidiary products. In fact, some major household appliances or automobile enterprises so far still retains its factory die, they die is open regardless of costs, because it’s a cost they will recover from the products. And manufacturers in order to maintain brand differentiation characteristics, under normal circumstances not to die processing profits.

        Die professional production enterprises will not be able to do so, he should die to make money, what kind of orders are likely to die this way, enterprises are facing a problem of differences. Many enterprises have done for many years and die, but not a guarantee that every success will die. Sometimes, even if just in front of a cause of the mold, again behind the same mold can not guarantee 100 percent success. Why is it » Because mold forming mold itself apart from technical factors, but also related to many factors, such as equipment performance, performance materials, process conditions, temperature, pressure, the production environment, and many other factors have affected molding effect. There is also a product of mold, is difficult to process control, is basically can only do a good job after passing the test, but once failed, the loss has been irreparable.

        In addition, there is a mold enterprises biggest headache is the question of delivery problems. Customer orders can not be in accordance with a balanced ratio of the enterprises, often a product of the good prices, many manufacturers have Zhengzhe a mold, the due date reminders very tight, because die one day earlier on-line products will one day earlier Listing, which manufacturers to mould the scheduling difficulties. There are many enterprises in order to expand the market to buy equipment, strokes, to expand the scale of production, but in practice found that productivity can not always meet market demand, because you are a single product, you can not do some inventory in advance, you continue to give Provide services, solve the problem, so on a non-stop to buy equipment, expand the cycle of specifications. As a result, increasing the scale of production, mold factory’s profit is getting lower and lower, "the economy of scale" effect in many plants die fully exposed.

        The multi-led force to solve the mold problem-solving factory "economy of scale" problem, only rely on the Government, society, associations, enterprises, the joint efforts between users can be achieved relatively good results.

        First, the Government should strengthen the industrial layout and industry guidance and policy to those committed to the innovative practice of national enterprises to mold the appropriate support and encouragement. Throughout the relevant functional departments can use macro-control means, in accordance with local economic characteristics and natural resources conditions, some obvious advantages of the mold manufacturing resources to regional integration, policy guidance from the industry members to the industrial park, a brand and gather effect at the same time , Strengthen management, standardize operations, expand cooperation, and a complementary pattern of development. For those committed to independent innovation, product research and development to continue to die of import substitution enterprises should increase support for funding; greater impact on the national economy and to a large extent dependent on imports of production technology to increase mold policy concessions to attract More capital and talent into the industry fields.

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