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        Die speed up the foreign giants enter the China Mould market

        Die Fenlan Bei Er Luosi giant international companies to invest in building the factory in Shenzhen die formally put into use recently, the plant completely in accordance with the standards of the construction of Europe and the United States, the first input 60 million yuan, mainly for telecommunications, health care, electronics and automotive industries provide high - - Die products, along with testing and verification capabilities.

        Zhejiang Huangyan held recently in the mold base in China Forum on industrial upgrading, the experts advise, the foreign giants speed up the mold into the Chinese market has launched a new round of battles, local tooling industry because of "inherent weaknesses" and highlights the crisis. Yang and die in the "close competition", the urgent need to speed up the local tooling industry upgrading technology brands.

        Statistics show that the departments concerned, the 07 least developed countries since the mold of China’s enterprises to speed up the transfer of a trend. May 07, Japan’s No. 1 auto maker Fuji Die Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. and Mitsui & Co. Ltd. jointly set up the Fuji Motor Co., Mitsui in Yantai, Shandong set up a formal contract; United States Kohl Asia and China’s Dongfeng Motor Die Joint venture companies to establish "standards of Wuhan Dongfeng Kohl Dies Co., Ltd.," Kohl Asian companies accounted for 63% of the shares.

        July 07, Japan in the mold of the first companies AB and China’s Taiwan personal computer peripheral equipment manufacturers to build factories in Shanghai, telephone mold products. EU, South Korea, Singapore, the mold-intensive enterprises delegation to visit China and seek stationed in the region and partners. "Die manufacturing is the first all manufacturers, known as’ the mother of industry ’. In the electronic, automotive, electrical, electronics, instruments, meters, household appliances and communications products, from 60 to 80 percent of components must rely on mold Forming. "

        Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Industrial Economy Dr. Wang Qin an interview with reporters, said, the world’s manufacturing bases in China to speed up the transfer, China’s manufacturing industry is entering another stage of development to upgrade the high-end, high-quality precision tooling demand will continue Raise. Following the developed countries die giant on the mid-1990s into the mold of foreign capital investment in China after Zaixian, precisely in order to seize the initiative, will face China’s local industry Die advanced foreign technology and high-quality products "close challenge," the domestic Production space will be squeezed.

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