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        2008 China’s mould industry approach to development

        China’s accession to the WTO, the domestic manufacturing industry will bring both die impact, it has also brought opportunities, generally speaking, are the opportunities outweigh the challenges. Why say this because, before China’s accession to the WTO, mold import business is basically tax-free products, domestic enterprises have long Die tariff barriers do not rely on the protection, the surviving companies have long global economic integration has withstood the test of competition. Moreover, the accession to the WTO, the domestic enterprises in the choice of foreign steel imports of production equipment and provide a wider choice and lower prices of space for domestic die in the manufacturing sector to improve quality and reduce costs and improve competitiveness in the market has created favorable The conditions.

        At the same time, we also can not be ignored as some multinational companies and world-renowned enterprise groups have set up factories in China stationed so that we most rely heavily on cheap labor market factors will no longer exist; intellectual property rights protection has allowed us to enter the high, refined, Tsim Die manufacturing process to pay a higher price.

        Recalling China’s mould industry over the past few years the development of our domestic manufacturing molds good overall level of development, enterprises have greatly improved the level of processing, export capacity greatly enhanced, both in the domestic market to resist outside vendors squeeze, and in the international market showed strong competitiveness. But at the same time, domestic enterprises die in the process of development Pulu Chu also some problems, first, smaller-scale, the technology is low, and the third is related to narrow the field, four of the related industries do not affect ability to lead. Taking all these factors, the overall efficiency of domestic manufacturing molds have not played to the best level, its economy in the name of the basic role is not yet clear, in order to reverse the above, domestic manufacturers have to die in the international market play a greater impact, The need to strengthen industry-wide technologies and resources integration.

        First, in the field of technology to enhance collaboration division.

        In recent years, domestic die despite an increase in exports, the level of international competitiveness has improved. However, most concentrated in the areas of Zhongdi Dang, mold the low level of skills, low value-added, some high-precision molds to rely on imports, domestic manufacturing mold in their respective areas to strengthen integration, it is not necessary transition of competition, technology development To be implemented in collaboration division, related industries and enterprises should take a long-term perspective, under the unspoken thoughts, pay close attention to new technologies, new processes of research, and gradually form a division of labor, collaboration in all areas of scientific research and development patterns, has launched Independent intellectual property rights of the mold products, in the course of the study, we must overcome to close, and the lone singles, because in today’s global integration under the conditions, we can stand by their predecessors and peers on the basis of the experience accumulated to do something Forward-looking research, rather than Maitou do some others have done the technical work, resulting in waste of talent and resources.

        The second is to accelerate the application of information technologies.

        To create flexible specialization focused manufacturing platform, constantly meet the needs of individual customers, while enhancing its scale and specialized manufacturing level. Mass customization of traditional production of a breakthrough, it overcome a single, small bulk and scale of the dilemma the issue of China’s Die enhance the competitiveness of the market has created conditions. ERP technology successfully applied in the mold of the manufacturing enterprises have an obvious effect, for mass customization may be provided. ERP technology not only to control its own manufacturing enterprises, but will also extend the management knife customers and suppliers, it may promote the common development of relevant industries die.

        The entire process must be implemented supply chain management methods, such Daer Quan change the past, even the small but complete production methods. Die domestic enterprises traditional manufacturing methods are generally large core, cavity, to a small screws to their own design and production, resulting in front too long, too small quantities, not only a waste of energy and resources, can not guarantee that every Link will have senior professional standards.

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