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        China’s mold industry in 2010 experienced the rapid development of transformation

          Tooling industry since 2000 with an annual growth rate of 20%, "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" period, sell very well, production, quality, and further enhancement, especially in automobile manufacturing and IT manufacturing industry, driving the mold-end improve, sophisticated manufacturing equipment for the die mold technology level has provided a guarantee. China Die & Mould Industry Association executive vice chairman and secretary general, said Cao Yanan, China mold industry is going through "golden development period", the period ahead will continue to maintain sustained and rapid growth.
        2010, Dongguan in Beijing, Shanghai or Chongqing Investment Promotion will be held to attract the Bohai Sea, Yangtze River Delta or Southwest regions and large enterprises in Dongguan Industrial Connection. Dongguan will select some well focused goals projects, door to lobby, to initiate investment offensive, the main target is the central enterprise, military enterprise, well-known private enterprises. 
        From the industry structure, the rapid development of private enterprises, state-owned enterprises vitality, market-oriented professional mold manufacturers increase the number and capacity quickly, to adapt to the characteristics of the die mold industry production cluster to develop the production zone, the central and western underdeveloped areas such as tooling industry greater progress. 
        In recent years, product structure adjustment speed up the mold industry, to large, sophisticated, complex, long-life mold as the representative high-tech development die faster than the overall industry growth rate, accounting for 35% of the total die. Die exports in 2007 increased by 35.73%, the deficit decreased further rationalize import and export of die structure, domestic alternative to imported mold mold has become a climate. 
        2010 Die industry will enter a period of rapid development, particularly in Guangdong, the main position, to high-tech products for the market-oriented mold, mold exports will be further strengthened. Rationalization of industry structure tends to be more mold.

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